This video explains how volunteering here is a personality and life changing experience.

This video gives a tour of Uganda Lodge, its branches, connected projects and communities.

Daviot and Old Meldrum Scouts Video Journal of Uganda Trip


Who can Volunteer?

Ruhanga Development school welcomes English speaking volunteers from around the globe who need one qualification -enthusiasm! Children at the school simply love having volunteers around who can not only give them much needed one-to-one attention, but who can share new stories, games and just quality time with them.

Why The School is So Popular

Part of this popularity is that the school is probably unique in the whole of South-West Uganda in that English speaking volunteers from across the world assist in the classrooms; broadening the children’s horizons as well as offering help with the development of much sought after ~ and needed ~ English language skills.

How We Get Our Funding

Tens of thousands Raised

Through global donations.

Many Thousands Raised

Through child sponsorship.

Many Hundreds Raised

Through one off donations

Funding The School

In 2022 the school has over 500 children attending daily, plus a boarding section for teenagers. This requires ongoing funding for salaries, school breakfast, educational materials, maintenance and upgrades. Families a nominal fee to send their children, but the majority of funds are raised through our ‘Child Sponsorship Scheme’. It costs just £5.00 per month to support a child, please choose one here if you are able to help: Sponsor A Child. Alternatively, if you are able to make just a single donation, you can do your bit by clicking on the “Donate Now!” button (above) and donate any amount you can afford.

Please remember we have no admin costs (besides a small fee taken by invest my community),and donating via the above two options is 100% free to us so ALL of your donation goes directly to the children. Help make that difference and build a better future for the children and wider community of Ruhanga by acting now.

The School

The Ruhanga Development School is set amongst the rolling hills of SW Uganda about 40kms past Mbarara on the main road to Kabale and on towards Rwanda. The school is managed by the local PTA and a Ugandan NGO called ‘Stand On Your Own’. It is supported by the UK charity Uganda Lodge Community Projects (registered charity no. 1150023).From early beginnings in 2008 the school has rapidly gained in popularity and today offers education to well over five hundred pupils from the local community.