Volunteer at the Ruhanga Development School

Apply to volunteer!

Ruhanga Development school welcomes English speaking volunteers from around the globe who has just one qualification ~ enthusiasm! Children at the school simply love having volunteers around who can not only give them much needed one-to-one attention, but who can share new stories, games and just quality time with them.

If you have a teaching qualification that is great, but most of our volunteers do not, they simply have a strong commitment to the well being of the children and that makes a real difference. If you have qualifications you can liaise with the headteacher ~ after you've found your feet ~ as to how you could best be deployed, including taking on a whole class for certain agreed lessons. Others can liaise with our on site volunteer co-ordinator(s) to explore how they and they skills can best be used.

After school many children enjoy being walked home and introducing volunteers to their family and during school holiday periods there's also lots to do redecorating the classrooms and helping out with holiday activities.

Volunteers at our school stay at Uganda Lodge which is within the same grounds ~ so no travel! Visit the Uganda Lodge website here for lots more information about volunteering opportunities FAQs and how to sign up! Don't forget, we charge no volunteering fees just a small amount to cover your accommodation and food.


Volunteer at Ruhanga Development School